Feather Flags advertising case in water brand

Readily available products need to give consumers a reason to buy

Everyone seems to drink cold water every day, a huge consumer base, and and other pure water, mineral water, ice spring water has formed a huge contrast, it is easy to cut the market.

How to use Feather Flags advertising to catch consumers attention?

This is a person can own “production” products, daily life readily available, do not have the production threshold. In the home can drink their own cool water; in the company can drink the water heater burned cool open; in the dining channel can drink the restaurant burned cool open; in the journey can drink bus station, train station, airport and other transportation occasions to provide water.  Consumers as long as there is a cup, where to meet the demand, there is no need to go to buy a bottled water.

So advertising cost effectively with Custom Feather Flags | eyeBanner, could only be success in point of sales when consumers is in need of water without any alternatives. People’s needs can be divided into special needs, when necessary, need, four categories, cool white as a necessary product, but it is easy to be obtained, consumers self-sufficient, it is difficult to convert into brand consumption by advertising Feather Flags.
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Feather Flags advertising – Smith Barney brand

Difficulty on the road to change

2010 before the Smith Barney, the day was very moist. When the rapid development of America’s garment industry, the Smith Barney successfully seized the American garment manufacturing plant production capacity surplus this opportunity, the traditional garment enterprises the most important part of the manufacturing. Production outsourcing, itself is only responsible for the design and brand advertising and marketing with Feather Flags & Feather Banners | Cheap -20% FREE Ship, The burden of enterprises, so that enterprises can more flexible response to market changes. This is the secret of Smith Barney’s success: it is a kind of light assets like NIKE company. Of course, this is just one.

feather flags
Feather Flags

But since 2010, everything has changed. At the end of 2009, Smith Barney clothing stocks only 900 million yuan, steeply increased by the end of 2010 to 2.5 billion, to 2011 is climbed to 3 billion yuan. High inventory makes the “light company” in name only.

Poor performance of the market, although there are factors of the impact of the Internet, ZARA, UNIQLO and other international fast fashion branding with Feather Flag Advertising in the Chinese market from the wind and water from the US state bruised and battered. Smith Barney began a difficult “Internet +” trial and error of the road.
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