The past two years, I have been advocating the “mainstream shift”, product structure adjustment, from the “double low” products to the high-end transfer. It should be said, Hengda ice spring successfully promote with Cheap Retractable Banner wholesale.

However, this does not mean that the “double low” market is not, but does not mean that all transferred to the high-end market. 3 years ago, a brand of bottled water retail price from $1.5 to $2, the North some county-level market was lost, indicating that a considerable number of consumers sensitive to the price.

I think the mentality of consumers now is: Although already tired of the “double low” products, but the mainstream of consumption or “double low.” Began to try to transfer to the high-end, but not conventional consumption. Is now a typical transition period.

In the high-end market has been formed, and is the high-speed growth period, but the total market capacity is not great.

Hengda ice spring practice, is underestimated the high-end market in the capacity of the.

Hengda mistake, I think it is starting from this assumption. At least from their point of view, is implied by this assumption.

Rhythm, rhythm, or rhythm

“Double low” products are “just need” is the basis of consumption, “double low” market capacity can be the outbreak, but also can be quickly cultivated.

United States current industry leader, in the beginning of the rise have taken a similar approach with Hengda, through large-scale investment, quickly wake up a huge market. The capacity of this market is to support the huge investment.

“Double low” argument, is now the market mature after the argument, was not low, but because “double low” is the bottom line, is “just need”, so the market as long as the wake up, is great.

“Mainstream shift” is not the same. In the high-end product market is slowly formed, the market is not awakened, but the purchasing power and consumer grade gradually upgrade the results.

Unified high-end products “Tunda people” approach, for “mainstream shift” of the enterprise reference. Unified in 2008 launched the old tan sauerkraut, incidentally launched a new Tunda people. Old tartan sauerkraut is the traditional main course, the price is low. And Tunda pricing 7.5 yuan, at that time is absolutely high, almost twice the price of the old takes and sauerkraut.

Tang Daren launched, the sales are very small, almost no market impact, but the unity has been insisting. One is not to insist on price cuts, the second is to do in the terminal to do the display, two old tan dishes and sauces, there is a square of Tenda. 5 years, the Tenda people almost no movement. However, in 2015 Tunda people jumped to 500 million yuan sales, into the ranks of large single product, ranking first high-end.

The formation of high-end market, there is a rhythm, not marketing investment can drop out.

If the market capacity is gradually increased, then the marketing rhythm should be consistent with the growth rhythm.

The rhythm is chaotic.

No doubt, Evergrande is too fierce, too much force.

Hengda Bingquan the largest sales, why criticize the most?

Hengda is not the first to do high-end water, than its early hundred years old mountains, Kunlun, love boast and so on. On sales, they are not as Hengda ice cream, why we criticize Hengda ice cream, and the other turn a blind eye.

To a unified “love boast” water, for example, it is also a retail price of 4 yuan products, almost no publicity, sales are much smaller than Hengda ice cream. With this water, unified out of the low-end mineral water market.

In the high-end water is basically taken “Retractable Banners penetration strategy”, slowly involved in nurturing a market. In the distribution of goods, but also to take the first shop in the high-end market. Customers back, but also because the identity of the product.

In my observation, the high-end water is currently mainly in the special channel sales, such as airports, high-speed rail stations, supermarkets, etc., far to the extent of large shops shop shop.

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These high-end brands, take the gradual Retractable Banner promotional strategy, with the market growing bigger gradually, without much investment. In contrast, Hengda Bingquan, a large number of one-time investment, channel operators are mobilized, the distribution rate, the volume is great, but the high-end consumers are very rational.

Hengda Ice Spring is now widely criticized two questions:

One is the terminal price, I think this is the terminal distribution improper, too much distribution, temporary goods prices;

Second, Hengda invested too much, the formation of huge losses. These two questions are not fatal.