Readily available products need to give consumers a reason to buy

Everyone seems to drink cold water every day, a huge consumer base, and and other pure water, mineral water, ice spring water has formed a huge contrast, it is easy to cut the market.

How to use Feather Flags advertising to catch consumers attention?

This is a person can own “production” products, daily life readily available, do not have the production threshold. In the home can drink their own cool water; in the company can drink the water heater burned cool open; in the dining channel can drink the restaurant burned cool open; in the journey can drink bus station, train station, airport and other transportation occasions to provide water. Consumers as long as there is a cup, where to meet the demand, there is no need to go to buy a bottled water.

So advertising cost effectively with Custom Feather Flags, could only be success in point of sales when consumers is in need of water without any alternatives. People’s needs can be divided into special needs, when necessary, need, four categories, cool white as a necessary product, but it is easy to be obtained, consumers self-sufficient, it is difficult to convert into brand consumption by advertising Feather Flags.

Then the strength of Yanjing Beer to advertise plum juice with, whether it is brand, product, channel or promotion, from the 4P theory is no problem, but its appeal is “solution greasy drink Jiulong vegetarian”, the sour plum Juice made into a special product, only in the case of greasy solution of this drink, the channel had to start from the restaurant.
Soon, sour plum juice in the category of strong promotion in Kowloon, became the characteristics of Beijing products, to drink drinks in Beijing. But homemade plum juice is too easy, restaurants in order to obtain higher gross margin, and finally all selling homemade plum juice, Kowloon fasting was squeezed out of the food and beverage channels, became a category of universal, but did not harvest to the category of growth The profit.

Therefore, easy to be channel imitation, or consumers themselves can easily self-sufficiency of the product, often the most difficult to achieve the branding with Feather Flags.

Too high awareness but will fall into the trap of cognition

Cool water as a highly popular product, consumers have a profound understanding of it.

To boil the tap water in a covered clean container, cooled to 25-30 degrees Celsius, it became cool white water. After the natural cooling of water, the water density, conductivity and other physical and chemical properties will be changed, the biological activity of 4-5 times higher than the natural water, and living cells in the water about ten similar. So easy through the cell membrane by the body to absorb, promote metabolism, increase blood hemoglobin content, improve immune function. Often drink cool water, but also can prevent colds, throat inflammation and certain skin diseases. Experts believe that, for human health, the best drink is cool water.

But cool water more than 3 days after the unfit to drink. Because the storage of cool white meeting will be bacterial infection, and produce a carcinogenic material – nitrite. Nitrite once a large number of access to the human body, can make the blood red blood cells lose the role of oxygen, resulting in tissue hypoxia, nausea, vomiting, headache, palpitation and other symptoms, serious can cause people to die due to lack of oxygen.

In addition, cool water do not re-heating the second time, otherwise the body is not good.

In such a product awareness, “cool white” bottled water is equal to fall into the trap of consumer awareness. The use can not be heated, reducing the use of a lot of scenes, especially cool water can not be more than 3 days of this awareness is “cool water” bottled water is not a threshold. From the market cognitive education, this is a very difficult to bite the bones

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Three mountain pressure top, narrow channel space

“Cool water” retail price of 2 yuan, the dealer price of 1 yuan, the middle channel of the difference is enough, should be able to attract a lot of distribution to join. But 2 yuan is Jingtian hundred mountains, Yue Bao, Nongfushangquan price, the three national market development of water is very popular, the brand awareness is very high now with the marketing success of Feather Banners, “cool water” in order to go beyond the price of the three The mountain is very difficult thing.

In accordance with the law of marketing, follow the business needs beyond the competitors, need to spend 2-3 times the marketing resources continue to operate, to be able to go beyond the competition. Nongfushangquan in the operation of high-end water has been more than 20 years of experience, channel coverage is very wide, there is no gap to the “cool water” to drill, once found the crisis, the farmer spring will be fully blocked.

Jingtian hundred years old mountain and Yi Bao in the 2 yuan price of the operation also precipitated for 10 years, only to secure the seat. Channel to take the resources to pick up a 2 yuan price of water, need to have a strong power, but as long as the beverage, water dealers have a basic water brand, then a similar product, for the dealer’s own The market is killing each other, not to mention these strong competitors simply cannot allow the dealer to take another water.

So from the perspective of market competition, although consumers have accepted the price of 2 yuan of water, but the face of the competition will be very intense channel, cool water this product looks very lively, the actual floor will be very difficult.

And cool white as a non-registered brand, who can develop follow-up, so do not have the brand strategic value. The following are the same as the ”
In summary, the “cool white” bottled water market education, it is difficult to cross the consumer’s unique understanding of the cool white, the market there is a huge operational risk. The market is not surprising, 2 yuan price bottled water market operation space is relatively small.

Although the media carnival hype “cool water”, the product can give people a bright feeling, but this product has a very serious birth defects, the entire product development business logic confusion. This is a very opportunistic product that can be locally successful, but for a long time doomed unsuccessful, the product life cycle will not be more than 3 years.